Kickboxing Instructor

Hemerson Toco Souza

Our Kickboxing and Combat Fit instructor, Hemerson Toco Souza, started training Muay Thai (also known as Thai Boxing) at 13 years old, in his hometown Curitiba, Brazil. He had his amateur debut at 15, and at 19 he had his debut as a professional. He is undefeated in Muay Thai, with 14 wins and no losses. He has also competed professionally in both MMA and Boxing, with 15 MMA fights, and 6 Boxing bouts.

He is a Black Belt in Muay Thai under the famous André Dida, founder of the team Evolução Thai, and he is also a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He works regularly as a cornerman for several UFC fighters, and has many years of experience as an instructor, teaching people of all ages and skill levels, from professional athletes, to beginners and regular practitioners.

Hemerson teaches the Kickboxing and the Combat Fit classes at the academy. The Kickboxing classes are "no contact" and won't include sparring. The Combat Fit classes will consist of different functional training exercises, and the intensity will be adapted to each individual student's fitness level. 

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