Get in the best shape of your life.

Get in great shape!

We offer Kickboxing classes for ages 13 years and up. The classes are "no-contact", meaning they won't include sparring. The focus of the classes is for the students to learn correct punching and kicking technique, while improving their fitness level. You will improve your cardio, burn calories, all through a fun and challenging work-out that is customized to your fitness level.

Kickboxing is a great way for you to get in shape, and at the same time learn techniques that enables you to defend yourself. While our classes don't include sparring, the technical aspect of the training is of the highest quality.

No prior experience is needed in order to join the Kickboxing classes, nor do you have to be in great physical shape before starting. Each student will train at their own level in a relaxed and safe environment to get you in amazing shape.

Kickboxing instructor

Hemerson Toco Souza, has years of experience, both as a professional mixed martial arts fighter and as an instructor. He has competed professionally in both Kickboxing and in MMA, and he works regularly as a cornerman for several UFC fighters.

No matter your goals, whether it be just to get in shape, or prepare to learn elite level striking, Coach Souza is one of the best in Plano TX.

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